4 Tools to Help Create Interactive Classroom Content

4 Tools to Help Create Interactive Classroom Content

Creating interactive content for both traditional and flipped classrooms is essential for the teachers. The trick is to combine the different tools available and create good content.

There are various tools, both software and hardware, that are made available for content creation. The challenge here is to use them effectively.

Here are some ways to create content using the different tools.

lp Create Interactive Classroom Content

Screencasting Tool

It is becoming increasingly popular. With this tool, the teachers can create interactive and interesting content that will help the students learn the concept and the topic. With screencasting, the teachers can record video as well as audio for better learning outcomes.

If the teacher is using a webcam, or there is a screen where they are working out the concept, it can be recorded easily with screencasting. If you are teaching in a classroom, simply bring to life the screencasting tool, and allow it to record the instruction. You can even create content from the very beginning with this screencasting tool. There are a wide variety of screencasting tools like Camtasia, Screencast-O-Matic etc. which teachers can use effectively

Tablet Apps and Software

There are many tablet apps and software that will help you create videos and content for your classes. There are different tools like Knowmia and Explain Everything which is available in tablets. Ring your content with these tools, and make teaching happening.

Document Camera Tools

There is a tool called document cameras. This technology can be effectively used to create content for classrooms. You can connect them to your LCD projector. At times, through USB, you can even project an image to your computer. By projecting this image, and with the use of screencasting tools, you can record this content to teach in the classroom

Camera Solutions

Finally, camera based solutions are also available to create content for classrooms. You can create videos with a basic or high definition camera. The video production skills along with editing skills are put to test with these solutions. You will need to produce high definition videos to engage the students with the content.

Voniz VLMS is a platform that helps students and teachers meet, teach, learn, communicate and grow together. With these content creation tools, the teachers and student community can enhance the teaching and learning capabilities and explot technology to offer better learning.

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